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The persistence of economic hardships on the continent of Africa is the primary reason why many African students choose to remain overseas upon completion of their academic programs. The consequence of this trend is braindrain, which deprives the continent of the very resources needed to address its economic woes. Apart from the general economic malaise, most of the nations on the continent lack the infrastructure to support graduates with degrees in the contemporary field of biotechnology, making it unattractive for those who desire to pursue research to abandon their current research-conducive environments for the sake of patriotism.

Although these researchers receive some professional fulfillment in foreign lands, there is a yearning for them to make their often outstanding contributions to science to more directly benefit their homelands. Unfortunately, there is a lack of an effective forum for the exchange of ideas and a mechanism to harness the capabilities of African researchers in the biotech and biosciences to address specific problems pertinent to the continent.

Cognizant of this vacuum, the ISABB was initiated to encourage free exchanges among African scientists in these cutting-edge fields, with the hope that the interactions would result in collaborations that would promote research and development on the continent. ISABB also, is a platform for non-African Scientists to invest their resources and time into the development of R&D in the African continent.

To become a member of ISABB, please click on membership (in the menu) to register; you can also send us an email at,  give us a call at 301-943-3803 or use our super quick online form. See our Mission.

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