ISABB Community Health Outreach (ISABBCHO) is a nongovernmental initiative. We remain focused and committed to our nonprofit/non partisan nature as we continue to reach out to various vulnerable communities in Africa. The Millennium Developmental Goals (MDG) established objectives for the global community. The realization of these objectives will be farfetched without the inclusion of persons with disabilities. This year, ISABBCOMMHEALTH zeroed into becoming part of reaching that goal by taking the baby steps to the doorsteps of the physically disabled in Eastern Nigeria, West Africa.

Since the inception of ISABBCHO, our projects have included provision of community health education, health data collection and free medical care to the poor. In 2011, one of our donors-the Samaritan Purse donated 5 pallets of medical equipment for use in that year’s planned outreach. It was going to be too expensive to actualize the use of those equipment in 2011, due to the exorbitant cost of shipping them to the identified outreach sites.

As a result, the 2012 community health project took a different format; to allow for a more effective program planning that will target the desired population-the physically disabled. There was need for local community groups that would mobilize local health care givers and identify various physically disabled in the surrounding communities where ISABBCHO planned to outreach this year. The local radio and television was used to create long term awareness.