The ISABB shall strive to promote the welfare of Africans through the pursuit of activities that help bridge the scientific information and technological divide between Africa and the developed economies of the world, and facilitate the transfer of appropriateĀ biotechnologies for research and development that address pertinent needs of Africa. ISABB shall strive to promote the development of contemporary human capital to work in both the public and private sectors, engaging both researchers and politicians, to improve health and food and fiber production on the continent, to help alleviate poverty. To this end, ISABB shall:

  • (1) produce a current annual world directory of ISABB members, their institutions, and specialization;
  • (2) facilitate open dissemination of scientific information and technology through publications, seminars and international conferences;
  • (3) promote effective research and collaboration among African scientists and between African Scientists and other scientists worldwide;
  • (4) foster high standards of education through the establishment of exchange and mentoring programs involving educational institutions on the continent and those participating institutions or organizations abroad;
  • (5) push for high standards of professional ethics among members and those participating with ISABB;
  • (6) promote the use of ISABB scientists as reviewers and panelists by funding agencies and governments seeking to aid developmental activities, involving the areas emphasized, throughout the African continent; and
  • (7) cooperate with other organizations with similar objectives.